RAINBOW LACES REACTION: Roy of the Rovers, Piers Morgan, a rugby hunk and some hipsters lace up


The rainbow keeps getting brighter as the support for our #RainbowLaces campaign continues to spread the love. Footballers, rugby players, regular folk, politicians and whatever category Piers Morgan falls in to, have all been tweeting their support today.

Paddy Power, in association with Stonewall UK, the Gay Football Supporters’ Network, Arsenal FC, the Metro and so many more awesome groups and individual, want to kick homophobia out of football and out of everywhere else.

Here are some of today’s heroes.

Legendary fictional footballer Roy scores a non-fictional belter…

York City FC team up to show their support

Everyone’s favourite lovable lunatic..

The man my boss described as a “rugby hunk”

…support and self-deprecation from Umbro. We like it.

Beefy bowls us over with his support and he gets a dig in on the Aussies

Soccer AM host Max Rushden knows what time it is. Time to kick homophobia in the balls..

Proof that not all hipsters are useless narcissists..

Good guy customer Nick Ball lives up to his surname…but plural

This one from MP Caroline Lucas gets our vote..

…and finally, Piers Morgan makes it hard to hate him

  • Tweet your support for #RainbowLaces. Tweet players, clubs or your pals to encourage them to show we’ve got the balls to change the game.
  • How to get Rainbow Laces: You can get Rainbow Laces at any Paddy Power Shop (shop locator here) or via Stonewall here

What do you think?