Paddy Power puts up controversial billboard in Liverpool. Too far or too funny?


We here at Paddy Power love a bit of controversy. Especially if it gets our name in the papers. You could say we’re the Lindsay Lohan of bookmaking. It may seem like we’re just wandering around in a stupor getting in to trouble and allowing paparazzi to take up-skirt pictures of our leafless kooch. But it’s all part of a plan to get signed up for a remake of Herbie Goes Bananas. Or something like that.

As you can see, Paddy Power put up a rather large billboard in central Liverpool today. It suggests that some lucky Scouser has a genie’s lamp and used up his or her first two wishes on Margaret Thatcher dying and Alex Ferguson retiring. A 30-metre digital screen to be exact, directly across from Lime Street train station.

What do you think?