Bendtner scores twice with Paddy Power’s lucky pants

Nicklas Bendtner shows his real form against Portugal


Portugal may have finished 3-2 winners in tonight’s Group B clash with Denmark in Lviv but Nicklas Bendtner enhanced his reputation with a brace of headers which kept his side in the game. And he happened to be wearing a pair of Paddy Power lucky pantsas he did it.

We here on the Paddy Power Blog are not saying that Nicklas Bendtner scored twice because he was wearing his Paddy Power Lucky Pants but we’re definitely taking credit for the second one.

It may not be the type of scoring the designers had in mind when they created the pants but big Nick won’t be complaining. Plus this kind of scoring will help with the other kind of scoring, if you catch our meaning.

Not just are they comfortable, alluring and green but they also have the power to bring out your potential. Footballers all around Europe have already started to contact us to get their hands on a pair of their own. We had to ignore calls and texts from Emile Heskey though. They’re lucky pants not miracle pants.

Which player will be next to flash their lucky pants at Euro 2012?

What do you think?