Paddy Power unveils Roy the Redeemer!



Paddy Power has responded to the plight of anxious England fans by giving them a little ‘divine intervention’ ahead of this month’s European Football Championship with the unveiling of Roy the Redeemer on the White Cliffs of Dover today.

At 108ft tall, the stunning structure is a reproduction of the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue which overlooks Rio de Janeiro. Pundits throughout the land have been suggesting that he probably has a good touch for a big man.

The audacious build which replaces the face of that Jesus fella with a new ‘saviour’, England Manager Roy Hodgson, is visible from the coast of France, 16 miles away.  For England fans, it is hoped the looming face of Roy the Redeemer will unsettle ‘Les Bleus’ ahead of England’s opening game on Monday.

Reports of the French lining up along the coast of Calais waving white flags of surrender at the sight of this giant are unconfirmed but probably true.

The structure took a team of engineers two months to create and one week to install on the white cliffs near St Margaret’s Bay in Dover.

The dimensions of the structure replicate those of its famous Brazilian inspiration – standing 100ft tall on an 8ft tall rostrum with an arm span of 96ft.  The 8 ton sculpture is kept in place by two 40-ton cranes positioned behind the statue. Something similar is used to keep John Barnes standing during his on-the-pitch punditry.

With the loss of key players such Gary Cahill, Frank Lampard and Gareth Barry combined with Scott Parker, John terry and Danny Welbeck struggling to find fitness,  the statue is a potent symbol of hope when expectations for success are at an all time low.

Ken Robertson from Paddy Power said: “Since Christ the Redeemer was constructed in Rio de Janeiro in 1931, Brazil has gone on to become the world’s leading footballing nation.  We’re hoping some of that success can rub off on England in time for their Euro 2012 opener against France on Monday.  Anyway, at the end of the day this is definitely the closest Roy will get to Rio this month!”

Paddy Power have also pledged to refund losing bets on England’s Euro 2012 opener against France if England win.

 About Roy the Redeemer

  • Floor to forehead the height of the structure is 108ft
  • The width is 96ft
  • Weight is 8 tons
  • The structure is made from 160 x 8ft x 4ft panels.  Each panel is comprised of 22ml HDF weighing 32kg a sheet
  • The build involved 96 hours of continuous printing

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