A Sign Of The Times – Paddy Power man forced to deny he is any sort of morally bankrupt lowlife

Paddy Power has issued an eloquent defence of the bookmaker's guerrilla marketing tactics


Paddy Must Chav The Last Word

Reacting to harsh words from owner of Celtic Manor Resort, Sir Terry Matthews, Paddy Power has issued an eloquent defence of the bookmaker’s guerrilla marketing tactics. Sir Terry labelled Mr. Power “scum” after attempting to build a 150ft sign on a hill overlooking the Ryder Cup venue. Prior to an appearance on an episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show entitled ‘Steal Money From Orphans’, Power took a moment to angrily hit out at suggestions that he’s any sort of morally bankrupt lowlife.


Head of the Paddy Power Causing A Row And Enjoying Corporate Hospitality Department, Paddy Power retorted “Yeah but, no but, yeah but, we wasn’t even done nuffink and wasn’t even on that hill. Besides Melissa Harris says she gave Tiger a blowie up the R and now she’s up the duff. Anyway, he’s not even my favourite Sir Terry.”

A horde of journalists and news agencies spent the morning camped outside the Paddy Power offices awaiting further comment from the bookie, but had to wait until early afternoon until he emerged wearing a stylish pyjama bottoms and sports ‘hoodie’ to buy 20 John Player Blue and €5 phone credit at his local Texaco.

Check out the “scum” comment here: (it’s 1:22 in)