When is the next UK General Election? Everything you need to know

The keys to No 10 will be up for grabs.


You couldn’t move for General Elections in the UK in the late 2010s.

There was one in 2015, 2017 *and* 2019 but it’s all gone a bit quiet on that front lately, despite the Conservatives changing the Prime Minister on two occasions since Boris Johnson’s victory at the polls.


Brits are probably eagerly anticipating the chance to head to their local church or civil hall to draw an X in a box, so when is the next UK General Election?

Everything you need to know can be found below, otherwise the latest politics odds are on the Paddy Power website and Paddy Power app.

The Prime Minister has the power to call a General Election once again following the scrapping of the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act, but they have to dissolve parliament no later than five years after the last poll.

As the election can be held up to 25 working days after that event, the next UK General Election is scheduled to take place no later than January 24, 2025.

While the Conservatives could try to cling on until the bitter end, Paddy’s traders have priced 2024 as the hot favourite for the Year Of Next General Election.

2024 Year of Next General Election

A party needs to win 326 constituencies to guarantee a majority in the House of Commons, although, in reality, the threshold is a little lower as Sinn Fein traditionally do not take up their seats in Westminster.

The Tories are tanking in the opinion polls and a Labour Majority is rated as the most likely outcome in our UK – Next General Election betting market.

Labour Majority Government after Next Election (First New Cabinet)

Despite the Tories burning through leaders like they’re going out of fashion, Paddy’s trusty traders reckon a Labour leader will be the next person in 10 Downing Street after Rishi Sunak.

Keir Starmer is the odds-on favourite in our UK – Next Prime Minister betting market ahead of former Conservative PM Boris Johnson and current Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt.

Keir Starmer Prime Minister after Rishi Sunak

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