Trump going off Facebook for a while, says text if you need him ​

U ok hun?


Donald Trump announced he’s taking a break from Facebook and advised people to contact him via text message in the meantime.

The 45th President of the United States posted a short message on Facebook for his 33 million followers this morning which read:

‘Deleting this thing for a while. Too many people carrying tales back to Biden. If anyone needs me, text me’.

The news sent shockwaves across the globe with the dollar plummeting in value and riots erupting in Florida, Texas and Belfast.

Trump’s decision to deactivate Facebook stems from a drunken rant he posted to the social media platform in which he accused his campaign manager Bill Stepien and his national press secretary Kayleigh McEnany of being ‘snakes’.

And when he woke this morning to find thousands of people mocking his incoherent ramblings he vowed to delete his account for good.

However, British counterpart Nigel Farage has implored the President to reconsider his decision.

Writing underneath Trump’s post in the comments section, Brexit pioneer Farage beseeched:

‘Don’t delete it hun. Time for a clear out me thinks’.

‘Hope I survive the cull chick Xx’, typed Farage, accompanied by some praying hand emojis.

Meanwhile, one expert in the field of social media-related drama believes Trump’s post is nothing more than a baseless attention-seeking threat.

Dr Steph O’Scope, head of the Specialist Drama Unit at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre argued:

‘This is announcement is nothing more than a shameless ploy to gain sympathy in the wake of his election defeat’.

‘Donald’s hoping his gullible followers will beg him to reconsider this phony decision’.

‘Once he gets the required amount of attention, he absolutely won’t follow through with his threat to delete Facebook’.

Meanwhile, the Samaritans have set up a helpline to provide support to anyone who might be affected by Mr Trump’s decision to deactivate his Facebook account today.

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