US Election: When will President bets and markets be settled?

The US Presidential Election could drag on for a few more days - or longer - but Paddy has a plan for settling your bets


Everything’s bigger and better in the US of A we’re told, and that applies just as much to election hangovers as it does to cars, burgers, and the populace’s waistline in general.

As we kind of expected, there’s still no clear winner between President Donald Trump and former Vice-President Joe Biden in their head-to-head battle for the White House.


And while the tallymen and women of Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona take their sweet time counting up the votes for each, Paddy’s punters are left in the lurch waiting for their bets to be settled or faced with taking the Cash Out offer.

If there’s one thing Barack Obama could do, it was win an election by teatime the next day.

You can keep up with the latest shifts in totals and betting on our rolling blog, but, in case you’re wondering just when our traders will be able to pay-out on your bets from a frantic night of swing-state betting, here’s our guide to what the fudge is actually going on…

When We’ll Settle Presidential Bets

Ordinarily, a concession speech from the losing candidate would follow a declaration from reputable news outlets that one candidate had crossed the 270 electoral college votes threshold and we’d hit the big red pay-out button on all remaining markets.

This would trigger the settlement of the remaining markets. It’s what happened in 2008, 2012 and 2016.

But, 2020 being the nightmare we’re all hoping to wake from that it is, if you don’t opt to Cash Out you’ll have to wait for clarity on counts, recounts and any potential legal challenges just like every Billy-Joe, Cletus and Ermintrude in the back-arse of Tallahassee.

Only when we are satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that there is an official result declared and/or accepted by the losing candidate will we settle the markets.

And if the uncertainty continues for a prolonged period, Paddy’s checked the Wikipedia entry on the US Constitution and will settle the market when there is certainty around which candidate has the most projected Electoral College votes.

Yes, the Electoral College is a real thing, where people meet and officially vote to elect the president after everyone else voted. Weird, I know.

So, let’s all hope Donald Trump doesn’t go Scarface final scene in the Oval Office if the numbers go against him and we’ll have bets settled when everything’s clear.

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