Donald comes up trumps: Twitter data reveals president is more liked than Biden in the UK

It's better to be Marmite than magnolia as far as UK twitterers are concerned


Ahead of the upcoming US Election, our research reveals that Joe Biden receives more negative interactions from British Twitter users than Donald Trump.

We looked at over 30,000 tweets directed at the two Presidential candidates over three weeks and found that 65% of all posts tagging in Biden are deemed negative.

By contrast, 62% of tweets aimed at Trump contain a negative sentiment.

The current president is most hated in Newcastle, with 72% of tweets rated negative, while Southampton is the city which most dislikes Biden (73% negative).

But it looks as though the Geordies may well just be super trolls, as they’re not fans of either candidate, with 73% of tweets aimed at the Democrat nominee also less than friendly.

Across the country, Brits aren’t supporters of either candidate – none of the cities included in the research has more positive tweets than negative.

Leeds is home to the largest share of Trump supporters (43% positive), whereas Bristolians are most pro-Biden (45%).

The data also analysed which words were most associated with the candidates in tweets directed at them. Among the most commonly used adjectives between the two were ‘criminal, ‘old’ and ‘corrupt’ – an insight into how Brits view the next leader of the Free World.

Despite the overwhelmingly negative sentiment aimed at the current President on Twitter, the most surprising revelation is that the most used words in tweets mentioning Trump are ‘good’, ‘real’ and ‘great’. Though ‘wrong’, ‘bad’ and ‘dangerous’ aren’t too far behind.

Our own presidential frontrunner Paddy Power said: “We trawled through tens of thousands of tweets about the two presidential candidates ahead of the election, and we can reveal that in the UK, Joe Biden is actually more disliked than Donald Trump.

“So, if the vote was taking place over here rather than in the US, Trump would be the winner. That is surprising, but then again, we’ve had our fair share of drama when it comes to voting in the last few years – and we do have a history of backing politicians with dodgy blonde Barnets.”

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