Our traders price up Donald Trump to STORM OUT of final debate

He scarpered from a TV interview this week - will he do the same tonight?


The US presidential election is just a couple of weeks away and President Trump might need to double up on the electrolysis scalp therapy that preserves his whispy weave if the latest odds ahead of tonight’s final debate are anything to go by.

The wee small hours of Friday morning see the orange one and his Democrat rival, former vice-president Joe Biden, go head-to-head in a live TV debate for the second and final time before polls close on Tuesday, November 3rd.

Biden Trump

And the 45th president will be pulling his hair out as the votes are counted if the polls do not change in the next fortnight as he trails the contender by as much as 10 points in recent national surveys of voter sentiment.

Tonight’s debate is one of his final chances to address a national audience and turn this trend around his campaign and win a second term in the White House.

But the news around his campaign has been anything but, err, beautiful this week. It was reported on Wednesday that the president stormed out of an interview with US broadcaster CBS because he did not like the line of questioning.

And Paddy makes it just a 4/1 shot that he performs the same vanishing trick during his showdown with Biden tonight, where you can also bet on the colour of each candidate’s tie – it’s got to be red for Trump, right?

While we also make him a 3/1 underdog to win the debate according to CNN’s snap poll after the event.

More fake news, whatever you say Donald…

Even if he does stick around, he might be silenced by those arranging tonight’s set-piece, who have become the envy of many in the US following news they will be able to mute The Donald during the 90 minute broadcast.

Though there is nothing suspicious at play – put away the tinfoil hat –  as it’s an effort to avoid the squabbling that filled large chunks of the candidates’ previous debate in early October.

And our politics traders have told us tha “While this type of behaviour will play well with Tramp’s base, it remains to be seen if it appeals to the undecided voters that he needs to convince to give him a second term.

“Today he is 7/4 to win the election, out from a low of 5/4 earlier in the week.”

However, despite his troubles, punters refuse to abandon him with 67% of all bets over the last 7 days going on Trump to win.

Can the momentum swing back in his – and our punters’ – favour tonight? Put the coffee on for a 2am start to find out.

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