US Presidential Election betting: Bettor places £200,000 on Donald Trump to be re-elected

Someone clearly fancies four more years of Donald.

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Paddy Power have taken their biggest ever bet on Donald Trump to be elected.

The £200,000 ($260,480) wager was placed in a store in London, and far outweighs any bet placed so far on this election, or back in 2016.

Should Trump be voted in again, and thus the bet lands, the customer will scoop £420,000 with a profit of £220,000.

This comes as the President’s chances of re-election drifted out today from tied favourite 10/11 with Joe Biden last week – the shortest price he’d been since April.



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In fact, we actually recorded an uptake in the number of bets placed on Biden this week despite the large Trump wager, and he is now odds-on to be named President in November.

Asked about the bumper bet spokesman Paddy Power said: “This week we took an eye-watering bet on Donald Trump to be re-elected, the biggest we’ve taken both this time around or in 2016.

“This comes despite the President’s chances of winning actually looking less likely according to the odds – but clearly, this bettor is confident the result is only going one way.”

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The latest politics odds are on now

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