US Presidential Election Odds: Joe Biden hitting stride as he shortens to 6/5

Right on Trumps tail.


These are without doubt the strangest of times, nobody is likely forgetting Spring 2020 too quickly! British Prime Minister Harold Wilson once said “a week is a long time in politics” – this could now be applied to day to day life as a large percentage of the world’s population find themselves confined to their personal dwellings.

The political world very much keeps on spinning, with what I’m sure are days that feel like weeks for many of our world leaders – none more so than Donald Trump as he fights a battle on two fronts, a global pandemic coupled with the not so trivial matter of trying to secure a second presidential term in November.

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Trump (10/11) is officially the biggest priced incumbent to toe the line in the history of US Presidential Election betting. Given possession is considered nine-tenths of the law in many people’s eyes, could this be a political betting gift from the gods?

It’s also possible to apply another old adage in current circumstance…….no publicity is bad publicity.

A daily press conference in the midst of a crisis, even though it would never be openly admitted, is a significant platform for an election campaign which could well be curtailed significantly from the norm.

What of the main challengers, or challenger as the case may be – for the second consecutive presidential campaign Bernie Sanders bowed out of the race earlier this week at the final hurdle to securing the Democratic nomination. His main issue in both campaigns being that he was unable to broaden his core left of centre base within the Democratic Party.

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Step forward Joe Biden (6/5) – former Vice President to Obama he has hit his stride late (16/1 this day last month), given he was a long way behind Sanders and Bloomberg heading into ‘Super Season’. He has the profile, a broad base appeal, but up until now the closet which houses his skeletons won’t have been inspected with a forensic approach of this magnitude.

They say expect the unexpected when it comes to Trump, but at least on this front you more or less know what you’re going to get, Biden not so much!

American goes to the polls in November with the Democratic challenger 100% finalised during the summer – there will be many twists and turns between this and then; it’s a time to look forward to not just for the politics.


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