Biden Overtakes Trump as 2020 Election Winner Favourite for the First Time

It's a lot more even now, Donald.


Joe Biden has moved into favourite to win the US Presidential Election, overtaking Donald Trump for the first time since the market opened.

We’ve listed Biden as their even-money favourite to win the race, with Trump now out to 11/10 to secure another term in office. And, his resounding primary victories mean he is now 1/25 – or a 96% chance – of being the Democratic nominee.

Biden also confirmed that he wants a woman Vice President, and the bookies make Kamala Harris the 2/1 favourite to be his female running mate. Also in the betting market is Amy Klobuchar (3/1), Stacey Adams (4/1) and Elizabeth Warren (12/1). Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton are priced at 16/1 and 20/1 respectively.

For the first time since we opened a betting market on the 2020 Presidential Election, a candidate has overtaken Donald Trump as the favourite. Joe Biden is the new front-runner to win, and we make Kamala Harris the favourite to be named his Vice President.

I’d say that one punter who backed Trump big is wondering if it’s such a sure thing now. We’ll just have to wait and see. An even race now, Donald.


EVS       Joe Biden
11/10   Donald Trump
25/1     Mike Pence
33/1     Bernie Sanders


1/25     Joe Biden
14/1     Hillary Clinton
22/1     Bernie Sanders
50/1     Michelle Obama


2/1        Kamala Harris
3/1        Amy Klobuchar
4/1        Stacey Abrams
12/1     Elizabeth Warren
16/1     Michelle Obama
18/1     Gretchen Whitmer
20/1     Hillary Clinton

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Well, it’s one market that we can still bet on anyway

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