£165k wager? One punter is pretty darn confident in Trump getting re-elected

Just an average Tuesday in the US presidential campaign


Just an average Tuesday in the US presidential campaign, as one of our punters, headed into one of our London shops to place a small bit of a wager on 2020 success for Donald Trump. When I say ‘small bit’, I really mean big. And when I say ‘big’, I really mean absolutely ‘yuge’. £165,000, to be exact.

Currently, Trump annoyingly tops the market to be re-elected at 8/13 which means if our customer’s confidence is well placed then he’ll walk away with £266,38.46, with £101,538.46 of profit. a lot of money for a 62% chance of success.

Joe Biden is rated the second favourite at 7/2, followed by Bernie Sanders at 4/1 and Michael Bloomberg at 22/1

It’s the biggest wager we’ve taken on the Election thus far so we’ll be keeping a watchful eye on how proceedings go.


8/13       Donald Trump
7/2         Joe Biden
4/1         Bernie Sanders
22/1       Michael Bloomberg

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