Paddy Power slash odds on Donald Trump being impeached in 2019

The Democrats are set to rally in the mid-term elections but Donald Trump faces even bigger challenges to his Presidency next year ...


Paddy Power is predicting a ‘blue wave’ in the American mid-term elections, as the odds shorten on a government shutdown and a Presidential impeachment.

The Irish bookmaker has reported that the price on Donald Trump being impeached in 2019 have fallen dramatically, from 10/1 to 3/1, as the President’s power base weakens.

Paddy Power offers odds of 5/1 that the US government shuts down next year, as they tip the Democrats to take the House of Representatives (4/11), and the Republicans to retain control of the Senate (1/6).

While it’s 8/1 that we witness a ‘blue wave’ – caused by the Democrats winning 50 or more seats in the mid-term elections.

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However, the current POTUS remains favourite to be re-elected in the 2020 Presidential Election race at 6/4, with Kamala Harris (7/1) and Elizabeth Warren (9/1) emerging as his most popular challengers.

Spokesman Paddy Power said:

There’s a lot of talk about this election being a wave – but I think it’ll be more of a finger to President Trump.

“Excited chatter on social media says that the Democrats could take both the House and the Senate, but they still need someone to take the challenge to Trump – which might be a bigger hurdle.”

1/6         Republicans to hold majority of seats in the Senate
4/11       Democrat Majority
15/8       Republican Majority
8/1         Results show a ‘blue wave’ (Democrats winning 50 or more seats)
14/1       Democrats to hold majority of seats in the Senate

3/1         Trump to be impeached in 2019
5/1         A government shutdown occurring in 2019

6/4         Donald Trump
7/1         Kamala Harris
9/1         Elizabeth Warren
14/1       Bernie Saunders
16/1       Joe Biden
20/1       Oprah Winfrey
25/1       Michelle Obama
33/1       Howard Schultz
50/1       Hillary Clinton

*Prices correct at publication

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