Stephen Hawking leads betting for face of new £50 note

Hawking is twice as likely to be on the note following the Bank of England’s request for scientists to be nominated by the public...


Following the Bank of England’s request for the public to nominate scientists for the face of the new £50 note, bookies have priced up the contenders.

Stephen Hawking has been Paddy Power’s favourite since it was announced the note was ready for a makeover. He is is now 5/2 in from 9/1 to be featured, making it two times more likely than before.

With many calling for a woman to be on the note, Dorothy Hodgkin (4/1) is rated most likely, as the only female Briton to have ever won a science Nobel prize.

However, mathematician and scientist Alan Turing has been well-backed in the market by punters, and is the 10/3 second favourite for selection.
Spokesman Paddy Power said: “We’ve had Stephen Hawking as our favourite for the face of the new £50 note for a while, and the latest Bank of England announcement has forced us to cut our odds further.

“With the character on the cash set to be a scientist, punters have been placing their money on Hawking, following support on social media from the likes of Professor Brian Cox.

“However, with many suggesting a woman should be selected, we’ve noted a rise in bets on both Dorothy Hodgkin and Ada Lovelace.”


5/2 Stephen Hawking
10/3 Alan Turing
4/1 Dorothy Hodgkin
5/1 Ada Lovelace
9/1 Rosalind Franklin
16/1 James Clerk Maxwell
20/1 Kathleen Lonsdale
33/1 Ernest Rutherford
33/1 Frank Whittle

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