Paddy Power Red C poll: Majority want a United Ireland after Brexit

As if Brexit hasn't opened enough of a can of worms, our poll reveals that a united Ireland is very much on the agenda for the Irish public ...


A major nationwide poll in Ireland, conducted by Paddy Power and Red C, has revealed that a majority of the population would like to see a United Ireland arising from Brexit.

Almost two thirds (61%) of Irish people would like to see Irish unification on the back of Brexit negotiations.

While just a quarter of the population (26%) believe that the Good Friday agreement should be altered to accommodate Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations.


Almost half of those polled believe that Brexit will result in a ‘hard’ border (47%), as Britain’s deadline to leave the EU looms.

A spokesperson for Paddy Power said:

As if Brexit hasn’t opened enough cans of worms, our findings reveal that a United Ireland is very much on the agenda.

“While amending the Good Friday agreement, in the search of an Irish border breakthrough, would appear to be a no-go for Theresa May.”

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