Curtains for Corbyn? Odds cut on Labour leader leaving this year

As Jeremy Corbyn faces more questions surrounding a wreath-laying ceremony, we've slashed the odds on the Labour leader’s exit...


We make it 3/1 – in from 8/1 last week – that he leaves before the end of 2018, as he continues to face questions over a visit to an event at a Palestinian Martyrs Cemetery in 2014.

And, previously the favourite to take over from Theresa May, he is now 6/1 out from 9/2 to be the next Prime Minister.

But it seems that Corbyn isn’t the only one with a bad memory – despite his recent burqa comments, Boris Johnson is still the 5/1 favourite to take over from Theresa.

Meanwhile, the odds indicate that May will cease to be party leader (1/3) before Corbyn (3/1), with pressure mounting on both over the last few weeks.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “As pressure mounts on Corbyn again over antisemitism claims, our traders think he will be laying a wreath on his own leadership career before the end of the year, and have been forced to cut the odds.

“But doing or saying something questionable hasn’t impacted on Boris Johnson’s popularity – he’s still our most popular selection to take over from May, though Corbyn has slipped down the betting.”


3/1 Corbyn to leave before the end of 2018
5/1 Boris Johnson to be the next Prime Minister
6/1 Corbyn to be the next Prime Minister


1/3 Theresa May
3/1 Jeremy Corbyn

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