Dexeu’s Midnight Runner could end May’s soft Brexit party

Brexit secretary David Davis' late night resignation has thrown the Tories into turmoil and could signal last orders for Theresa May as Prime Minister...


Brexit chief David Davis’s resignation last night has ramped up Conservative in-fighting, as a revolt seems increasingly likely.

In the immediate aftermath of the Cabinet signing up to Theresa May’s soft Brexit strategy on Friday, the odds of a Conservative leadership contest in 2018 were 2/1.

But Davis’s resignation has plunged the party into chaos once more, and it is now odds-on (4/7) that May will have to defend her position as leader this year.

While the odds of a General Election being called have more than halved from 5/1 to 6/4.

Dominic Raab has been announced as Davis’s successor, meaning Boris Johnson will not be taking over the cursed portfolio.

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The Foreign Secretary, though, is considered far more likely to resign from the government altogether. We make it 10/1 that BoJo quits his post TODAY, 14/1 he goes on Tuesday, and just 4/1 that he walks this week.

It’s now even money that Johnson resigns this year.

When asked, our spokesman Paddy Power said: “It wouldn’t be the first time Dexeu’s midnight runner has ended a Party.

“Many people think that there’s some serious Mogg-mentum growing within the Conservative ranks, and that a revolt will be the end of May – but I back her to fight till the death, using those kitten heels as weapons if necessary.”


4/7 – Conservative leadership contest to be called in 2018
6/4 – General Election to be called in 2018
Evens – No deal being agreed with the EU before April 1st 2019
4/1 – May to be PM at next General Election


1/2 – Theresa May
4/1 – Jacob Rees-Mogg
4/1 – Michael Gove
6/1 – Sajid Javid
9/1 – Boris Johnson


10/1 – Today (Monday)
14/1 – Tomorrow (Tuesday)
4/1 – This week
Evens – This year
6/4 – 2019

    *All odds correct at time of posting
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