Odds tumble on Trump jetting into North Korea after series of bets

Now who’s the rocket man?

Their war of words sparked global panic last year, but it seems that the relationship between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un has improved drastically and Paddy Power have slashed the odds on the US President visiting North Korea.

We’re reporting that – fuelled by a string of bets on the trip – we’ve been forced to cut the odds from 200/1 to 6/1 that he makes a visit to North Korea in his first term in office.

Head of Trump Betting Joe Lee said: “This would be as unlikely a reunion as The Spice Girls – and, dare I say, almost as popular.

“While it wasn’t the end of the world when Scary Spice fell out with Posh, it conceivably could be if Orange Spice and Scariest Spice clash again.

“To be fair, Kim Jong-un did promise to make the US pay ‘a thousand-fold’ and he’d be true to his word if he hosted Donald Trump – by supporting Trump’s Presidency.”


6/1         Donald Trump to visit North Korea during his first term in office
50/1       Trump to offer Kim Jong-un a Green Card before 2020
100/1     Jong-un to offer a truce with the US, on the proviso his face is added to Mount Rushmore

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