UK odds-on to vote Remain in a second EU Referendum, after Nigel Farage suggestion

Here we go again…


Nigel Farage should be careful what he wishes for after suggesting a second EU referendum – as the UK is odds-on (4/7) to vote ‘Remain’ if the Brexit re-vote takes place.

We’re now offering odds of 11/8 that the UK reinforces the vote to leave the EU, as Brexit campaigner Farage expects.

His call for a second vote has caused a stir online, with many urging Theresa May to heed his advice, and we’ve cut the odds of a second EU referendum to 5/1 from 10/1.

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Asked about the possibility of another referendum spokesman Paddy Power said: “Nigel Farage has opened a big old can of worms with this one – but no bigger than the Brexit multipack he cracked open for the UK.

“His suggestion of a second EU Referendum is only going to increase the pressure on Theresa May to green light a re-vote. If she did, we think the UK would change its mind.”


4/7         UK to vote ‘Remain’ in a second EU Referendum
11/8       UK to vote ‘Leave’ in a second EU Referendum
2/1         No Brexit deal to be reached by the deadline
7/1         A second EU Referendum to be held before April 2019
20/1       Three EU Referendums to be held before the end of 2020

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* All odds correct at time of posting. 

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