Donald, time for you to come home! We’ve priced up how aliens might respond to earth’s messages

Oh oh, he's an alien, he's a little alien. He's a President from New York.


As Earth beams messages into space using complicated algorithms not totally alien to pricing up a mad accumulator, we’re offering odds on the chance of a reply.

Our traders have quoted 33/1 that a reply is received within the anticipated 25-year timeframe. ET phone home, indeed.

They have also priced up what that response might look like, with ‘Do not disturb’, ‘What’s the meaning of life?’ (both 250/1), and ‘Donald, time for you to come home’ (500/1) amongst the favourites.

‘Undo Brexit’ (1000/1) is next in the betting – and, though 25 years may sound like a bit of an after-thought to a 2017 issue, given the current rate of negotiations by Theresa May et al, it might actually offer some value.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “So we’ve sent up the Batman symbol, and let everyone in space know we’re here, as if they didn’t already know – we must be their equivalent of Love Island.

“The scientists responsible seem oddly confident of a response, so we’ve priced up what it might be. Beyond them coming here and taking over, of course.”


200/1                     Do not disturb
200/1                     What’s the meaning of life?
500/1                     Donald, time for you to come home
1000/1                  Undo Brexit
1000/1                  Who shot JR?
1000/1                  Send nudes
1000/1                  Will there ever be a boy born who can swim faster than a shark?
1916/1                  COYBIG
2500/1                  We’ve got Shergar
5000/1                  Has anyone got a battery for a Sony Ericsson?
10000/1                Any tips for the 1545 at Lingfield?

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