Pestminster Scandal: Fallon, Green and Whittingdale top betting for next MP to leave Commons

Sir Michael had no choice but to Fallon his own sword as DefSec, but how long until he departs Parliament altogether?


Following his resignation as Defence Secretary, amid the brewing sex scandal in Parliament, Sir Michael Fallon has been installed as our favourite to be the next MP to leave the House of Commons.

Fallon is closely followed in the betting by the defiant Damian Green (11/4), while John Whittingdale (5/1), Mark Menzies (6/1) and Stephen Crabb (7/1) are all also leading contenders.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “Ruth Davidson says the ‘dam has broken’ on the Pestminster scandal – though some of those involved might take that to mean trips to Amsterdam are off for the foreseeable.

“With the sex scandal building and building, we don’t think Sir Michael Fallon’s resignation will be the last of the fallout.”


5/2         Michael Fallon

11/4       Damian Green
5/1         John Whittingdale
6/1         Mark Menzies
7/1         Stephen Crabb
9/1         Mark Garnier
10/1       Will Wragg
12/1       Michael Fabricant
14/1       Dominic Raab
14/1       Rory Stewart
18/1       Jake Berry
22/1       Robert Halfon
25/1       Justin Tomlinson
25/1       Amber Rudd

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