Will Theresa May perform another EU-turn after Juncker olive branch?

We've slashed the odds of poor old Theresa performing a Brexit ‘EU-Turn'...


We’ve slashed the odds of Theresa May performing a Brexit ‘EU-Turn’, after European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that Britain could choose to stay in the EU.

We’re now quoting 7/1 that the UK government will announce that Brexit will not proceed before the official cut-off point of April 1st 2019.

We’re offering the same odds that a second EU referendum takes place next year.

May, who was earlier undermined by a leaked memo claiming that she had “begged” Juncker for help during a private dinner, is under huge pressure to step down as Prime Minister – with a 2018 General Election rated at just a 9/4 shot.

And Mrs May’s chances of still being PM at the time of Brexit, should it happen, are ranked at 2/1 – meaning there’s a 66.6% likelihood that she won’t be at No.10 Downing Street come that time.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “Theresa May has shown herself liable to making a U-Turn, so why not a EU-Turn over Brexit?

“Despite being the word of the year, Brexit has been a shambles, and with no progress being made, Theresa May decide to quit while she’s ahead.”

Brexit betting

4/11       Two or more different UK Prime Ministers to be involved in Brexit negotiations
Evens    No Brexit deal to be reached before April 1st 2019
2/1         Theresa May still to be PM when the UK leaves the EU
9/4         Next UK General Election to take place in 2018
4/1         The UK to apply to rejoin the EU by 2027
7/1         Another EU referendum to be held before the end of 2018
7/1         UK government to announce that Brexit will not proceed

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