Will Farage launch UKIIP? Brexiteer plans another breakaway in protest at Anne-Marie Waters

That extra ‘i’ could make all the difference for Nigel…


Nigel Farage is planning to launch a new, pro-Brexit party if anti-Islam campaigner Anne-Marie Waters wins the UKIP leadership contest.

Farage, who was probably due a return to the headlines anyway, would focus the new Party on Brexit as Theresa May and Boris Johnson take it in turns driving the UK’s exit from the EU well under the speed limit. Maybe their speedo is in kilometres.

And we’ve reacted by making Farage’s new Party – dubbed ‘UKIIP’ by the bookie – wins more seats than his former party (1/10) at the next election.

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UKIP, who have seemed to lose their mojo since Farage stepped aside, are now just 5/1 to cease to be a political Party by 2019.

Farage, who has presumably acted after sniffing an opportunity to return to front-line politics, is 17/2 to be an MP after the next General Election – but a distant 200/1 to be Prime Minister.

Anne-Marie Waters, meanwhile, is the big favourite (10/11) to win the UKIP leadership race, ahead of Peter Whittle (2/1).

Asked about the Farage’s next move spokesman Paddy Power said: “It’s the return of Nasty Nigel, with UKIP Mark II reportedly brewing amid outrage at a potentially racist leader of UKIP.

“It must feel like the good old days for Farage. I’d expected to see him on Strictly by now, but big Nige clearly wants to force Brexit through.

“Poor old Theresa May has gone from dealing with a backseat driver in Boris Johnson, to now having to fend off a fella from a different vehicle altogether in the Brexit process.”


1/10      ‘UKIIP’ to win more seats than UKIP at next General Election
5/1         UKIP to cease to be a political party by 2019
17/2       To be an MP after next General Election
200/1     To be PM after next General Election


10/11     Anne-Marie Waters
2/1         Peter Whittle
8/1         Jane Collins
8/1         Henry Bolton
10/1       David Kurten
11/1       John Rees-Evans
100/1     Aidan Powlesland

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