Has Jacob mogged himself? Rees-Mogg’s PM odds lengthened after gay marriage and abortion revelation

Oh dear...


Jacob Rees-Mogg’s appearance on Breakfast TV today cleared a few things up for viewers:

  • He’s against gay marriage and abortion “in all circumstances”
  • “It would be vanity for [him] to think about the leadership” – which means he’s totally thinking about the leadership.

And punters have been thinking about his leadership, too. Since the General Election, the North-East Somerset MP has been backed in from 50/1 long-shot to 6/1 contender.

Until this morning’s disastrous outing.

Seriously, who sits next to Piers Morgan and comes off looking more odious?

As a result of the car-crash interview, we’ve lengthened Rees-Mogg’s odds of being the UK’s next Prime Minister to 40/1.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and here’s mine – Jacob Rees-Mogg may well abort his run at PM after this horror-show.

“It’s hard to imagine what portion of the electorate would be particularly energised after his comments but, then again, people once voted for David Cameron – so it takes all sorts.

“I don’t know how he’ll get away with this, but maybe old Moggie has nine lives.”


7/2       David Davis
4/1       Jeremy Corbyn
7/1       Phillip Hammond
8/1       Jacob Rees-Mogg
9/1       Boris Johnson
14/1     Amber Rudd

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