An account of the banter era of the US presidency (2015 – present)

It may be an easy target - just ask Kim Jong-Un - but we've set the sights on the US presidency with our take on the "banter era" Twitter threads...


By now, you’ll probably have come across the ‘banter era’ Twitter threads.

But if you haven’t we’ll save you the trouble of looking for them:

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We’ve got great odds on Trump. A lot of people are saying they’re the best odds. It’s gonna be great.

It set us thinking, why limit this trend to football clubs?

So we fixed our sights on an easy target and let rip with the joyful mischief of a Russian lawyer at an all-you-can-eat White House buffet.

Without further ado, here it is.

Scale the wall and head over to for the latest Trump betting. It’ll be great.

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