The Donald won’t be Russian to Moscow – As U.S. sanctions are Putin his friendship with Vlad at risk

Could it all be coming to a bitter end?


The world’s greatest bromance is under threat, as the rift between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin intensifies.

The US President today signed new sanctions against Russia despite – obviously – opposing them. That won’t go down well with Vlad.

Our traders, including our fancy new Donald one, make it 12/1 (7.7%) that Trump goes on to expel ALL Russian diplomats from the USA during his first term – and now believe it is odds-on (4/6, 60%) That he does NOT make a Russian visit in that time.

However, we do offer a bet that Trump and Putin patch things up and take a vacation together (66/1, 1.5%), the same odds as a Russian airport being named after the Donald.

More seriously, our traders make it heavily odds-on that the FBI confirm collusion between Trump and Russia (4/9, 69.2%) – with a similar chance of impeachment (4/6)

Joe Lee, Head of Trump Betting at Paddy Power, said: “Will Donald Trump really expel all of Putin’s diplomats? Usually, it’s Russians who are expelling on him. Depending on which stories you believe.

“But if things do get worse, America could find themselves locked in a cold war with Russia. Though it wouldn’t be the first time Donald’s been locked in a frosty relationship with an Eastern European.”

4/9          Trump is found guilty of Russian collusion
4/6          Trump is impeached during his first term
4/6          Trump NOT to visit Russia during his first term
5/1          Trump’s marriage to end before his Presidency
12/1       US to expel all Russian diplomats in Trump’s first term
25/1       Trump and Putin to receive a joint Nobel Peace Prize
66/1       Trump and Putin to vacation together in Trump’s first term
66/1       Trump to have a Russian airport named after him
100/1     Trump to be caught visiting prostitutes in the Moscow Ritz

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