General Election update: Punters lumping on Tories, including a £75,000 stake

Despite fears of a Corbyn comeback, support for the Conservatives is developing huge momentum with Paddy Power customers


As prices shorten across the board for Theresa May’s party, one punter staked £75,000 on the Blues taking most seats at 1/14, for a return of just over £80,000.

Since, the odds on Most Seats have come in to 1/25.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “Theresa May looks a (kitten-heeled) shoe-in, despite running one of the most disastrous election campaigns in history.

“Most politicians talk in riddles, but the PM is performing so many U-turns that she really is going round in circles at the moment. But that’s managing to run rings around her opponent, it seems.”

General Election: Latest Odds

Next Prime Minister

1/7         Theresa May

9/2         Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn was as low as 11/4 recently, but is now drifting by the hour – May is going the other way, and has come in from 1/6 overnight.

To win the most seats

1/25       Conservatives

13/2       Labour

A huge overnight move here – the Conservatives going from 1/14 to 1/25, while Labour lengthen dramatically from 13/2 to 8/1.

Government after General Election

1/6         Conservative Majority

9/1         Conservative Minority

10/1         Labour Minority

16/1       Labour Majority

22/1       Labour/SNP Coalition

Overall Majority

1/6         Conservative

4/1       No Overall Majority

16/1       Labour

Corbyn’s election rollercoaster

19th April – Snap Election is called, 4/1

1st May – Dominant opening fortnight for May, 8/1

4th May – Labour horror shows in Local Elections, 10/1

9th May – Manifesto is well received, 6/1

31st May – Live debates, 11/4

7th June – Final election push, 4/1

8th June, 8am – Election Day, 9/2

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