Who is ‘More Trump’ than Piers Morgan, Rupert Murdoch and Katie Hopkins? Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas, of course.

Our new website calculates just how 'Trump' you really are.


Our new micro-site calculates how ‘Trump’ a user is, based on your Twitter profile. We’ve also revealed which high-profile British politicians and celebrities are most like US President Donald Trump.

Top of the list, unsurprisingly, is former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who is rated at 100% like Trump.

But second placed is more of a surprise. Beating off competition from Trump cronies Piers Morgan (64%) and Rupert Murdoch (54%), as well as Twitter extremist Katie Hopkins (36%), is an unexpected contender – Green Party leader Caroline Lucas, who is rated at 67% Trump.

HowTrumpAreYou.co, developed and launched by the nerds here at Paddy Power, works by taking the phrases Trump uses most on Twitter, and comparing them to users’ own social postings.

In terms of active British politicians, UKIP leader Paul Nuttall is most akin to Trump (40%), narrowly ahead of Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon (39%).

And Jeremy Corbyn does at last beat Theresa May in one sense – he is calculated to be 24% Trump, compared to the PM’s 22%.  Well done, Jeremy.

100%     Nigel Farage
67%        Caroline Lucas
64%        Piers Morgan
54%        Rupert Murdoch
41%        Barack Obama
40%        Paul Nuttall
39%        Nicola Sturgeon
36%        Katie Hopkins
24%        Jeremy Corbyn
22%        Theresa May
15%        Tim Farron
12%        Dalai Lama

Spokesperson Paddy Power said: “Trump’s use of Twitter has been one of the defining political acts of his Presidency.

“From wiping millions from Boeing’s market value to taunting Arnold Schwarzenegger, no President’s pronouncements have ever been so publicly available – or damaging.

“Armed with this data – and still scratching our heads as to who actually supports Trump – we set out to find out if everyone is secretly a little bit like digital Donald. I got 11%, which is a relief.”

Developer Vincent Ryan said: “Put simply, we have taken the phrases that Trump uses most commonly on Twitter and created a way of comparing his missives to what you use on your Twitter or Reddit account.

“How did we get Trump’s phrases? We downloaded all of his Twitter history, and then analysed it. We removed the most common English words and focussed on what words were used together most frequently.

“The results, as you might expect, revealed an unhealthy obsession with Hillary Clinton, himself, America, and the ‘failing @NYtimes’.

“If you use the same phrases that Trump has used most frequently, our scoring algorithm will deem you to be more like Trump. And, as if to prove that this isn’t all baloney, Nigel Farage has come out at 100% – clearly, it’s working perfectly!”


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