Bars and Stripes! Paddy Power depicts Trump behind bars amid impeachment storm


Donald Trump has come under huge scrutiny over the last 24 hours, after it was revealed that he gave classified information to Vladimir Putin’s government officials regarding Islamic State.

It’s not the first time he’s got in trouble for over-sharing sensitive materials with a Russian.

The reaction has been increasing calls for the Donald’s impeachment, and we’ve priced the possibility of that happening at just 2/1 (33.3%) – which is pretty staggering, given how rare and complex a process it is.

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve also commissioned huge adverts in leading British newspapers The Guardian and The Times (to run Wednesday 17th May, on GMT time) depicting Trump behind the bars of the US flag. Ooft, controversial.

A lot would have to happen for impeachment to actually take place – it’s a lengthy legal process which requires the backing of two thirds of the Republican-controlled Senate – but, in a world where Donald Trump can be President, could you really rule it out?

Particularly with further revelations emerging from former FBI Director James Comey – who was controversially sacked by Trump last week, while investigating the President.

The market on Trump’s impeachment has attracted thousands of bets on our dedicated Trump Hub, by far the most popular special in novelty bets this year – while our search for a Head of Trump Betting is approaching its conclusion.

Donald Trump specials

5/4         FBI to confirm Trump/Russian collusion
15/8       Trump to resign
2/1         Trump to be impeached during his first term
2/1         Trump’s Presidency to end in 2017
3/1         Trump to serve a second term

What do you think?