10 things more likely than a Labour overall majority

It's been a car crash week for Jeremy Corbyn, so we've decide to reveal the 10 things more likely than a Labour majority


An absolute hammering in local council elections, a leaked manifesto – the only way this week could get worse for Labour is if Corbyn’s car ran over a BBC cameraman. Oh, wait.

After a turbulent week for Labour, bookmaker Paddy Power’s odds on an overall majority for the party (33/1) in the upcoming election are the biggest they’ve been since betting opened.

And with the Conservatives massive odds-on (1/25) to gain a majority on June 8th, it’s fair to say the betting market is more boring than Jezza’s choice of fashion.

To illustrate Labour’s slim hopes of an overall majority, Paddy Power has crunched the numbers to reveal the “10 Things More Likely than a Labour Overall Majority”. (Image attached).

According to the bookie, a fairytale Las Vegas wedding for lovebirds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is more likely (28/1) – oh how regal!

And holler here, a Spice Girls reunion tour is priced at shorter odds (20/1), while Mark Wright of TOWIE fame is just a 25/1 shot to be the next James Bond.

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