Budget Bingo: Chancellor specials released ahead of UK Budget

Phillip Hammond is set to outline his financial view for the entire year


With Phillip Hammond set to reveal his first budget on Wednesday, we have priced up various specials for the landmark event for Great Britain.

They include taking a leaf out of Prime Minister Theresa May’s book and wearing a tartan suit (25/1), losing the budget box (80/1), and painting it blue (500/1).

Other markets include what phrases he’ll use, with ‘Brexit’ virtually guaranteed at 1/100. ‘Theresa May holds my hand, too’ is slightly less likely at 500/1.

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Asked ahead of the Budget for his thoughts spokesperson Paddy Power said: “Will Phillip properly Hamm it up with a Theresa May-style tartan suit?

“Either way, it’s pretty much a guarantee that he’ll mention Brexit – and Donald Trump is bound to gate-crash yet another event. Though the concept of a budget might bend his mind.”

Hammond to say during the budget speech

1/100     Brexit
5/1         Scottish Independence referendum
12/1       Fake News
33/1       Donald Trump would be impressed
33/1       UKIP are imploding faster than Arsenal
66/1       Better than Osborne
66/1       Nigel Farage is a faker
500/1     Theresa May holds my hand, too

Hammond budget specials

25/1       To wear a Tartan suit
80/1       To lose the budget box
125/1     To carry a Byron burger takeaway bag
125/1     To wear a George Osborne pin badge
500/1     To paint the budget box blue

How many sips of water will Hammond have?

6/5         Three or more
5/2         Two
3/1         One
4/1         None

To say first

6/4         EU/European Union
3/1         Economy
6/1         Spending
6/1         Revenue
7/1         Recovery
7/1         Growth
8/1         Health
14/1       Recession
14/1       Taxpayers
18/1       Pension
20/1       General Election

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