Has Donald Trump suddenly become a proper politician?

Usually madcap President causes more shock and confusion - for being normal

Donald Trump


Donald Trump may have done the most f**ed up thing of his Presidency to date – by coming across as a NORMAL President in his first speech to Congress.

Given the last few weeks of bats***tery and chaos, most of the world – his bewitched supporters aside – were on tenterhooks waiting for his latest cock-up; their witty, bemused Twitter posts already half-drafted.

And then something remarkable happened. In his address, Trump came across measured, reasonable, and thoughtful. Even his fake tan didn’t seem so ludicrously bright.

He condemned recent hate crimes against non US citizens, indicated a major policy shift on immigration, and wasn’t racist at all.

He even reduced a woman to tears with his words. No, it wasn’t his wife and, yes, IN A GOOD WAY.

The BBC, or the British Fake News Company as Trump appears to think of them, referred to his speech as “a conventional presidential address”.

CNN, another locked in regular dispute with Trump, said he “adopted a statesmanlike cadence, hitting notes of inspiration”.

And the worst thing Twitter’s leftie population could flag about it all was that he was caught on camera rehearsing his speech in his car – like a real adult.

It’s almost enough to confirm our fleeting theory that he’s not the biggest bastard in Presidential history.

Jesus. I miss the days of golden showers chat.

At this rate, our odds on Trump serving a second term (6/4) may need to be reviewed pretty rapidly.

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