Yes, Trump’s a bastard – but he’s not the only (or worst) one in Presidential history!

Seriously. We’ve looked at the pros and cons of each of his predecessors and some don’t come out so good. *Cough* Bush Jr *Cough*


So that pillock Donald Trump has actually been sworn in, but there are pros and cons to every President – even him.

And, when you look at it this way, he’s not even that bad. Honest.

And here’s the totally definitive proof, fake news style:

Pro: Has weird expressions.
Con: The weirdest way of expressing himself involves urine.

Pro: You always got the impression Obama really cared.
Con: Obamacare.

Pro: Added WMDs to popular parlance
Con: There were no WMDs

Pro: Utterly charming to an international audience.
Con: Too charming to an intern audience.

Pro: Bugged the hell out of Russia by winning the Moon Race
Con: Bugged the hell out of the Watergate complex.

Pro: Duked it out with the big boys and ended wars.
Con: Nuked the hell out of Japan when the war was ending.

Pro: Was the most famous Quaker.
Con: Only the second most famous Hoover.

What do you think?