Assange odds-on for Q1 US extradition after Manning commute

Could the Wikileaks founder finally make his way out of the Ecuadorian embassy?


Julian Assange’s record-breaking game of hide and seek could be coming to an end – after Chelsea Manning’s sentence was commuted by outgoing US President Barack Obama.

The Wikileaks founder had said that such action would be enough to make him leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he has been based since 2012, to be extradited to the States.

And we think his departure is imminent, making it ODDS-ON that he’ll leave the consulate in Q1 of this year (4/6).

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We’re also short-price that he leaves in Q2 of this year (15/8), making Assange heavy favourite to leave the embassy before summer.

Now could be a good time for Assange to head to the USA, given Donald Trump’s impending inauguration – after all, Wikileaks were behind the hack of John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign.

Though they’re unlikely to see eye-to-eye on tanning.

While 20 shrewd Paddy Power customers correctly predicted Chelsea Manning’s commute, including one punter staking £50 at 10/1.

Asked about the possible extradition spokesman Paddy Power said: “Assange has been holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy for almost five years, in hide-and-seek dedication usually reserved to toddlers.

“It’s not clear whether he’ll be emerging as a winner, though, as his fate lies in the hands of Donald Trump. Assange is more milk bottle shower than golden.

“Everyone is talking about Chelsea Manning’s commute, but you should hear about some of those in Power Tower – one lad spends six hours a day on a train, just to sit near me. Incredible.”

When will Assange leave the Ecuadorian Embassy?

Q1, 2017 – 4/6
Q2, 2017 – 15/8
Q3, 2017 – 14/1
Q4, 2017 – 20/1
2018 – 5/1
2019 – 10/1
2020 or later – 12/1

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