Bring on the Don! Donald Trump inauguration betting specials released

The inauguration of The Apprentice star is just around the corner and we’ve got you covered


Popcorn at the ready folks. Donald Trump’s inauguration takes place on Friday in Washington – and it promises to be more entertaining than a James Corden Carpool Karaoke sketch.

And to celebrate the historic event, we’ve donned the stars and stripes to offer a supersized list of Donald Trump inauguration betting specials.

Now we all know The Donald – who will become the 45th President of the United States on Friday – isn’t short of a word or two. And it’s 7/1 for Trump’s inauguration speech to last 22.30mins or longer.

All the best bets on Trump’s inauguration

The incoming President would give Kanye West a run for his money when it comes to inappropriate outbursts, and we’ve priced up a plethora of clichés Trump might use first during his historic inauguration speech.

Unsurprisingly, “Make America Great Again” heads the betting at 2/1, but if you’re looking for some value then Trump to mention “Fake News” rates a decent bet at 10/1. You can even back “Meryl Streep” at 50/1.

The list of celebrities that have turned down an invite to the event dwarfs the list of celebs who haven’t – and you can now bet on which famous faces will be in attendance.

Kanye West tops the betting at 3/1, with wrestling icon Hulk Hogan the same price – perhaps he’ll be there to bolster security.

Melania Trump – the new First Lady and the only woman that actually seems to like The Donald – will be hoping to wow the crowds with her choice of frock. And we thinks it’s likely that Melania will opt for a white dress at odds of 12/5 – to match her new house.

Trump has been dogged by scandal after scandal in the lead up to Friday, and we’re not ruling out a short stint office with odds of 4/1 up for grabs for Trump to be impeached within six months.

Asked about the inauguration Paddy Power said: “Trump has had so many celebs turn down his invite to the big party I genuinely thought I might get the call-up. Alas, it hasn’t happened so I’ll be tuning in from home and I’m hoping for some serious entertainment.”

“Controversy is never far away when it comes to The Donald and it will be fascinating to see if he can keep tight-lipped during his hotly anticipated inauguration speech.”

Donald Trump Inauguration Speech Length

6/1         Under 10 minutes
7/1         10 – 12.29
9/4       12.30 – 14.59
21/10     15.00 – 17.29
5/1         17.30 – 19.59
11/1         20.00 – 22.29
7/1       22.30 or longer

What Cliché Will Trump Use First?

2/1         Make America Great Again
10/3       Job Creation
7/2         Islamic Terrorism
9/2         Innovation
5/1         Russia
6/1         China
7/1         Twitter
7/1         United Nations
7/1         Nuclear Weapons
10/1       Vladimir Putin
10/1       Fake News
10/1       North Korea
12/1       Mexican Wall
16/1       Obamacare
16/1       Brexit
20/1      The Apprentice
25/1       Paul Ryan
25/1      I have a dream
25/1       Nigel Farage
25/1      Trump Tower
40/1       Careful Now
50/1      It’s getting hot in here
50/1       Meryl Streep
50/1      I’m very rich
66/1       CNN Sucks
66/1      Rosie O’Donnell
100/1     Birth Certifcate
250/1     Home Alone
500/1     Drink, feck, arse, girls
500/1     Golden Shower
500/1     Chat s**t, get banged
500/1     Let’s burn this mother down
500/1     Grab her by the p***y

Who Will Be In Attendance?

2/1         Vince McMahon
3/1         Kanye West
3/1         Hulk Hogan
10/3       Dennis Rodman
10/3       Mike Tyson
6/1         Jon Voight
12/1       Piers Morgan
16/1       Arnold Schwarzenegger
25/1       Theresa May
33/1       Meryl Streep
40/1       Kim Kardashian
50/1       John Oliver
66/1       Lady Gaga
66/1       Tom Brady
100/1     Bruce Springsteen
100/1     Julian Assange
125/1      John Terry
200/1     Bono
500/1     Office Bellend

Colour of Donald Trump’s Tie

6/4         Red
3/1         Blue
5/1         Silver
11/2       Gold
12/1       Purple
14/1       Black
16/1       Green
16/1       White
25/1       Pink

Colour of Melania’s Dress

12/5       White
3/1         Black
7/1         Blue
7/1         Silver
7/1         Red
9/1         Gold
10/1       Pink
12/1       Green
18/1       Purple

* All odds correct at time of publishing

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