Bon Farage! Anti-immigration campaigner set to become an immigrant

Nigel Farage is set to become a word he’s used even more frequently – immigrant

Having made ‘UKIP’ and ‘Brexit’ major parts of the vocabulary, Nigel Farage is set to become a word he’s used even more frequently – immigrant.

The interim UKIP leader is planning to move to America to start a new life, potentially working with new buddy, President-elect Donald Trump.

Despite the government’s best attempts, rumours continue that Farage could become ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary for the US – with Paddy Power pricing it at 6/1.

We have opened a market on Farage’s next job, with options including a role in Trump’s first administration (10/1), an on-air position with Fox News (33/1), and chat show host on American TV (12/1).

We are also offering a price on Farage becoming UK Prime Minister before the end of 2025 (40/1), such is his political influence in the country.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “Surely Theresa May isn’t going to let Nigel Farage become Britain’s ambassador to America. That would be as ridiculous as making Boris Johnson the Foreign Secretary, or putting David Davis in charge of the Brexit process.

“Still, if 2016’s taught us anything, it’s that anything can happen, even the most unlikely. So Nigel making a triumphant return in a few years to be PM really can’t be ruled out.”


6/1       To be the next UK ambassador to the USA

10/1       To be given a role as part of the first Trump administration

12/1       Host his own chat show on American TV before 2018

33/1       To take up an on-air role with Fox News before 2018

33/1       Dancing With The Stars contestant

40/1       To be Prime Minister before the end of 2025

50/1       The host the US Apprentice before 2018

100/1     ITV’s US showbiz correspondent

200/1     Become a construction worker on the Mexican Wall project


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