How many times will the Chancellor say ‘Brexit’ in first Autumn Statement?

It’s Collins’ word of the year, but will the man with his hands on the purse strings utter it today?


Ahead of this afternoon’s Autumn Statement unveiling by UK Chancellor Philip Hammond, we’ve priced up what the first statement might include.

We make it odds-on that Hammond will say the word “Brexit” more than seven times (5/6), and the same price that he will speak for more than an hour.

The Autumn Statement is considered the second-biggest speech in the House of Commons of the year after the Budget of course. It’s used to reveal the UK Government’s spending plans and to outline the health of the economy.

Hammond is making his first statement under the leadership of UK Prime Minister Theresa May, and he’s not expect to spring many surprises in his plans, unlike his predecessor George Osborne.

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As always we have a range of markets when comes to these kind of political event and fashionistas will be happy to know light blue tie is favourite to be seen setting off Hammond’s shirt at 5/6.

After yesterday’s news that Donald Trump wanted Nigel Farage to be the next UK ambassador to the US, punters can find the Chancellor dismissing the former UKIP leader as having “more chance of working in Wendy’s” is priced at 50/1.

Asked about the Autumn Statement spokesperson Paddy Power said: “Philip Hammond’s hotly anticipated speech and I wouldn’t be shocked to see a cheeky compliment for Mrs May’s choice of footwear – and Donald Trump will surely get a mention.

“The Chancellor has made it clear that he won’t be following the ‘rabbit out of hat’ style of predecessor George Osborne – instead, he’ll be showcasing some sleight of hand, a few card tricks and appearing to saw the country’s finances in half.”

Autumn Statement Special
To say:
1/2         “Hard-working families”
4/6         “Long-term economic plan”
6/4         “Reduce our debt”
2/1         “Being a former businessman”
4/1         “Austerity isn’t over”
33/1       “Donald Trump is crazy”
50/1       “Farage has more chance of working in Wendy’s”
100/1     “I’m better than Osborne”
150/1     “Theresa May wears nice shoes”

Colour of Hammond’s tie
5/6         Light blue
6/4         Dark blue
4/1         Red
5/1         Yellow
16/1       Green
16/1       Red
25/1       Orange
33/1       Pink

Brexit mentions
5/6         Under seven
5/6         Over seven

5/6         Under an hour
5/6         Over an hour

What do you think?