Punting Hall of Fame: One Kerry punter scoops €40k thanks to Donald Trump winning the US Presidential Election

The Donald is heading to the Oval Office - and this punter might be heading to the beach after scooping €40,000 on the Election race


While a lot of people in the UK and Ireland woke up on Wednesday morning and covered their eyes in disbelief as Donald Trump was revealed as the 45th President of the United Sates, one punter in Kerry will have been jumping for joy.

Not necessarily because he believes that there should be a wall built between America and Mexico, nor because he believes that Trump is the man to ‘Make America Great Again’. But because Trump’s success meant that this shrewd punter pocketed a whopping €40k.

Everyone – not least the Paddy Power traders – had it wrong in the run-up to the election, and Hillary Clinton was the odds-on favourite to win the race. We even paid out on Clinton a few weeks ago when it seemed a done deal, with The Donald being hit by controversy after controversy. Yet Paddy was Trumped, and this Kerry man saw it coming a mile off.

He started backing Trump when the most-orange one was as big as 20/1, and kept backing him at 14/1, 11/1, 10/1, 8/1 and 7/1!

In total our mystic Kerry punter had €4,940 on Trump at various prices, and pocketed just over €40k when The Donald was announced as the next US President.

Take a bow pal. We’ll be calling you up next time we need to price our election markets because the current Paddy Power Politics team are in danger of getting the boot!

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