Punting Hall of Fame: Political genius cashes in £40,000 after predicting Trump and Brexit

The bookie basher has offered to provide us with his insight in the future…


Whilst most of the world woke up yesterday morning in a state of bewilderment, one Paddy Power punter was celebrating Donald Trump’s election to the tune of a cool £40,000.

The shrewd 72-year-old from a small island of the United Kingdom backed the Brexit & Trump double back in June, pocketing himself a cool £13,800. He also placed several single bets backing The Donald, taking advantage of odds as big as 20/1 and mugging off Paddy in the process.

Noticing the similarities between Brexit and the US Election, he said: “The Brexit vote and Trump seemed kind of parallel. People are disaffected by everything happening in Westminster and that politicians there are out of touch with the rest of us, and I think American’s felt the exact same thing about those in Washington.”

Donald Trump

He believes living on an Island, away from all distractions allowed him to place the bet with a clear head: “Living here is like being in a bubble, and gives me time to think about things. People in cities are overloaded with information and can’t see the wood from the trees.”

Clearly not on his own in predicting Trump’s victory, the result was our biggest political pay-out ever, stinging us for $4.5 million.


“Even though I’d bet on Trump, I only told a couple of people I thought he’d win. They didn’t react well when I told him so I kept my opinions to myself.

“Like Brexit, you felt like a bit of a rebel for wanting a different outcome to what you’re being told you should want, we were the silent majority. Both were protest votes.”

After shelling out a million on an early Hillary pay-out, Paddy was left green at this lad’s foresight. So much so, we have asked him to be our consultant on any further backroom betting. An offer he is happy to take us up on: “I only bet occasionally, but I’ll have to start plotting for the next big event now. Feel free to call me at any point and I’ll happily offer you advice on your political odds!”

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