President Trump is a reality, but what happens next? The wall is 4/1

Here’s some totally realistic odds on what the former American Apprentice star could do in the Oval Office

Donald Trump


With the world waking up to the news that Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States of America, we at Paddy Power have been licking our wounds a bit.

Having already paid out over $1m early to punters who backed Hillary Clinton, the Donald’s victory has cost us another $3.5m thanks to the US election result earlier this morning.

President-elect Trump (we still can’t believe we’re saying that) has made some wild claims to get there, but on January 20, 2017 he will take the most powerful office in the world.

So, with a new era of US politics almost upon us, we’ve decided to look at what the next US president might do in his first term in office – oh, and of course we got some odds.

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Trump to build wall covering entirety of US-Mexican border before end of 2020 – 4/1

Ah the wall – possibly Trump’s biggest and boldest pre-election promise in the lead up to his win.

The length of US border with Mexico runs to about 3,200km, the Donald better get cracking soon if he wants to get this done before his opening term ends. He has previously said Mexico should pay for the wall’s construction costs – something which Mexican officials flatly rejected.

Still our traders make this a low for it to happen, so get your hard hat on Mr Trump.

Trump to be successfully impeached before end of 2020 – 10/1

Under normal circumstances the odds of this happening would be highly unlikely, but can we really use the phrase ‘stranger things have happened’ after last night’s result?

Donald has a couple of high profile cases coming up against him, so might not be the worst punt to jump on.

Hillary Clinton to be arrested before the end of 2020 – 12/1

It does seem the FBI’s reopening of its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails last week was one of the factors the aided her downfall.

While the FBI later found she’d no case to answer, Trump supporters have been chanting “lock her up” at his campaign rallies in the run up to the vote. Would he go that far though?

It’s for that to happen, but the former American Apprentice star was quite magnanimous about Hilary’s campaign efforts in his winning speech today – so Clinton appearing behind bars is probably unlikely anytime soon.


The first commercial flight to Mars to take place during Trump’s presidency – 40/1

Hillary supporters had threatened to leave the States in their droves if Donald pulled off an election coup, and it looks like they’re backing up that promise.

Evidence of this can be seen already this morning as the Canadian immigration website crashed under the pressure of American visits.

But, would be people really leave the planet entirely? Maybe if the option was open to them, but with no manned trek to Mars planned until at least 2030 you can see why we’re at on this one.

Trump to turn the White House gold – 66/1

Being a famously wealthy man the next US president is known for his love of the finer things in life.

He may be unpredictable, but surely he’d leave the White House untouched? Surely…

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