The unlikely trio of Leicester City, Donald Trump and Brexit have combined for one of the biggest priced trebles in betting history

Leicester City winning the Premier League, Brexit happening (well not quite yet), and Donald Trump being elected as US President – what were the odds on that?

As the shock of Trump’s unlikely victory begins to sink in, Paddy Power has crunched the numbers to reveal the chances of all three events happening.

Drum roll please… the Leicester/Brexit/Trump treble would have been priced at whopping odds of 3,000,000/1.

£5 on that would have paid out a staggering £15m – or enough money for Donald Trump to pay for just over 750,000 spray tans (based on the average salon price).

To put it in perspective the cheeky bookie makes Alien Life being discovered this year much more likely at odds of just 80/1.

While no crazy optimistic punters had the foresight to place super super-treble, Paddy Power has confirmed over 70 punters did back the Brexit/Trump double.

That included a customer from the UK who placed a chunky bet at odds of 12/1 – winning almost £14,000.

A weary Paddy Power said:

“There’s no doubt 2016 has been a year of major upsets with Leicester winning the title, Brexit and Trump becoming President – and the massive odds of 3,000,000/1 reflect that. The way this year is going I wouldn’t rule out flying reindeer, and the real Santa Claus getting stuck down my chimney.”

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