We’re paying out on Donald Trump to be the Republican Presidential nominee

Donald Trump


The Donald looks set to bag the Republican nomination

After dominating Super Tuesday, Paddy Power are paying out on Trump to represent the GOP in the race for the White House

At first, it seemed like a joke. A high profile publicity stunt to get some cheap attention for a new reality TV show, awful investment opportunity or the fact that scientists had successfully fused the DNA of a man, alpaca and a mentally challenged trout.

But thanks to that intoxicating mixture of blatant racism and taking advantage of America’s down-trodden and deeply bemused, it would appear that Donald Trump is all set to win the Republican party’s nomination to contest the US Presidential Election later in the year. His promise of pretending its the 1960s and the US of A is still the economic and cultural epicentre of the world has clearly resonated with voters who like hearing fairytale happy endings and not the obejctive reality they now exist within.

It won’t be officially confirmed until by the Republican convention in July, but Trump’s results on Super Tuesday did the job for us. He won seven of the 11 primaries and that was enough for us to pay out on him to represent the Grand Old Party. And we summed it up with this hilarious image:

Donald Trump

It means a payout of over £100,000 – fuelled by some big bets early on in the process when Trump was 100/1 to secure the nomination. Since then his price had collapsed like Arsenal’s title challenge with notable bets including £400 at 40/1 (returning £16,400), £1,000 at 25/1 (returning £26,000) and last week the largest bet of the campaign to date, £15,000 at 2/5 (returning £21,000).

The Donald still has a big fight on his hands in his quest to move into the White House. He’s still to be the next US President in comparison to the for Hillary Clinton. He has been heavily backed and should he go all the way, his victory would undoubtedly trigger the biggest political win for punters in Paddy Power history. Bad for the company, but not as bad as the impending destruction of the planet Trump’s election would inevitably trigger.

Donald Trump main image: Michael Vadon, own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 reference


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