Australian swimming coach admits he was The Ultimate Warrior in previous life ​



As Australian swimmer Ariarne Titmus took her first gold medal of the Olympic games, it was her coach, Dean Boxall, who stole all the headlines following his outrageously emotional and highly charged celebration.

With scenes that saw Boxall punch the air, rip off his face mask, fail to be held back by a steward and practically dry hump the railings, Paddy Power News managed to grab a quick word with him to ask about his erratic behaviour.

“Of course, emotion took over because I was happy for Ariarne to take the gold, but the truth is, in a previous life I was a WWF wrestler called The Ultimate Warrior and the spirit of him re-entered my body. He visits whenever a rush of emotion hits me, and that’s when I tend to lose my sh*t,” confessed Boxall.

“Back in the late 80s and early 90s, it was normal for me to charge around a wrestling ring like a psychopath, grabbing and shaking the ropes uncontrollably, screaming my head off. People loved it and I loved doing it then, and I still love when it happens now!

“That steward was lucky she didn’t touch me otherwise she would have been on the receiving end of the Gorilla Press Drop and Running Splash, which was my signature finisher. I’m just gutted I wasn’t wearing any face paint or ribbons on my arms.”

Having gone from relatively unknown to an internet sensation, global media outlets have been digging into the private life of Boxall to understand how often the spirit of The Ultimate Warrior takes over.

“Family game nights are absolutely terrifying for me and the kids,” confirmed his wife.

“Regardless of if he wins or loses at Monopoly, we know he’ll spend 30 minutes running around the streets shaking branches of tress uncontrollably and body-slamming strangers.

“Same as when we go shopping and he gets a parent-child parking space directly outside of ASDA. The excitement takes over and he goes completely mental.

“He recently got thrown off a golf course after getting a hole in one. He ripped off his Pringle polo-shirt, destroyed all 18 flagsticks, bent up a nine iron, jumped in the bunker and threw a handful of sand at his caddie.”

Paddy Power News managed to speak to Boxall’s first girlfriend and high school sweetheart, Sarah, who remembers spotting the signs early on.

“I don’t want to say too much, but when we first got together it was absolute mayhem for days afterwards.”


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