We’re hosting the 2019 World Thumb Wrestling Championships! No, really.

Let's get ready to thumble!


Digits at the ready, because this Saturday marks the return of the World Thumb Wrestling Championships.

Taking over the Lock’s Inn pub from 12pm to 4pm, the world’s deadliest thumbs will descend on Beccles in Suffolk to compete for the crown.

This year’s championships are sponsored by, well, us! We’re also livestreaming the event for the first time.

Viewers can expect to see fighters like three-time, reigning champion Under the Thumb, or intercontinental champion Jack the Gripper battling it out to decide who is the undisputed th-umber one.

In previous events, competitors from USA, Poland, Germany, Australia, India and South Africa joined local thumbs for rounds of combat, and this year’s tournament is expected to draw a similarly international crowd of fighters.

There is both a men’s and women’s championship, with the sixty-second matches beginning with the customary chant, and ending when an opponent is pinned for as long as it takes to say the words “One, two, three, four, I win the thumb war!”

We’ve also offered up a sizable cash prize for this year’s winners.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “Everyone knows that the thumb is the mightiest finger of all, and we’re delighted to sponsor the ultimate test of strength – the World Thumb Wrestling Championships.”

Rory van Bellis, organiser of the World Thumb Wrestling Championships said, “We are absolutely buzzing about this year’s World Thumb Wrestling Championships!

“Some of the best thumb wrestlers from around the world are gathering to battle for the title, and with the weather looking great, it should be a good day out for everyone watching too.

“Paddy Power are live streaming the tournament as well, so those who can’t make the trip down to Suffolk can watch at home or on the go.”

We genuinely have betting on this. No seriously.

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