Watch: Hockey mascot slams supporter as punches fly

We know they like a good punch up at the hockey, but the mascot getting in on the action borders on the ridiculous. What a sport!


There’s no doubt for people on this side of the Atlantic Ocean that hockey is known as much for the fights, as it is for the actual action on the ice.

Even though the sport is starting to move away the good old days when fighting was the norm, NHL’s teams still have a specialised ‘enforcer’ in their ranks to dish out the pain when it’s required.

However, it was a scrap off the ice that grabbed the headlines at the weekend in America, as the Chicago Blackhawks mascot took down an unruly fan on Friday night.

Police in the city report that the mascot, aptly named Tommy Hawk, was allegedly punched by the fan and a scrap between the two followed. A video of the incident emerged on Saturday morning and quickly became the talk of the town.

In the clip posted by @P_Murray15 on Twitter, Tommy Hawk can be seen delivering a suplex Kurt Angle would be proud of and then grappling with the supporter all the way into the Blackhawk club shop. He’s certainly not a bird to be messed with and you can watch video of the incident for yourself below:’s odds are a knockout

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