Watch: Norwegian Police land huge, NFL-worthy hit on fan chasing cyclist

American football scouts have been looking in all the wrong places it seems…


Norway is not a country we visit very often here at Paddy Power News, but when we do it’s always a special one.

We’ve all seen those moments in the Tour de France or the Vuelta a España when cyclists are straining every muscle possible to climb a steep gradient, only to be chased by idiots describing themselves as fans who are trying to get their five seconds of fame.

Well that kind of stuff doesn’t fly with the Norwegian Police it seems and one ‘fan’ found that out the hard way at yesterday’s UCI Road World Championships.

As defending champion Tony Martin headed up the tough Mount Fløyen climb, a couple of guys thought it was a good idea to run after him. How wrong they were!

The first runner quickly yanked out of the road by his collar and while the second man gets further up the mountain, he then gets absolutely flattened by the police for his troubles.

The mega-hit wouldn’t have been out of place on an American Football field and you can see it for yourself below:

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