2017 Eurovision Sweepstake Kit: Download & print this handy kit for free!

Win money off your co-workers, friends and family with Paddy Power's free Eurovision sweepstake kit


It’s almost upon us, that glorious time of year when Europe comes together to bitch about block voting and wonder how the hell Macedonia got 12 points!

That’s right, the final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest comes our way from Kiev, Ukraine on Saturday night and to celebrate we’ve put together a sweepstake kit so you can take cash off your nearest and dearest.

We think we’re due ‘Douze points’ for this baby.

Doesn’t it make you want to burst into song?

Instructions: All you have to do now is grab 26 family members, your friends or work colleagues and jump right in.

Click HERE or the link above to print off your sweepstake kit, cut out the country, throw them all into a hat (preferably a French beret or an Irish flat cap, but anything will do) and then conduct a completely fair and reasonable draw – making sure the lad from Accounts gets San Marino yet again.

Good luck!

All the latest Eurovision odds are at PaddyPower.com 

What do you think?