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Watch: Hungarian Sports broadcaster uses touchscreen technology to draw epic penis live on TV

I doubt Gary Neville would have the (cock and) balls to do this live on Sky!

News reaches us from Hungary of a Ice Hockey broadcaster taking advantage of interactive touch screen technology to draw a genuinely epic cock and balls, live on TV! The tool, more traditionally used to enable sports presenters the ability to interact with match footage was used during the match between the Winnipeg Jets and the Colorado Avalanche.

Here at Paddy Power we’re no strangers to immature humour, and we’d love to see Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher follow suit and subject Sky Sports viewers to a similar phallic treat.

We’ll leave it up to the viewers at home to decide whether or not the artwork was intentional – personally speaking it was the addition of hairs to the b*******s which sealed the deal for me.

Regardless of whether it was intentional or not… Hungarian Ice Hockey broadcaster, we salute you!

See the full footage below!

LiveLeak.com – Presenter draws penis on live TV

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